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Belated Happy Valentines

bob cat valentine copy

The last illustrations of 2012: Part 2

tipi wigwam frog and toadMeet the ‘Tipi and the Wigwam. The Frog and the Toad’. Another painting commissioned just before the end of 2012.

The last illustrations of 2012: Part 1

gothic commissionJust before Christmas, I was asked to come up with a portrait of the lady who is shown in the painting. Within the painting I featured different elements of things she likes. Featured in the background is an Ossuary which I visited in Prague in November.

The Ghost of Cameron Crowe


I came into realization that I never seem to draw people. My love of animals is too great I suppose.

To rectify this, I had to create an illustration for myself incorporating a person.

Here it is!

The Ghost of Cameron Crowe

Early this year I had the chance to illustrate a children’s book written by a man named Ian Hewitt. He has published the book himself and is launching the book this weekend at the Tribute to the Spitfire show at Polesden Lacey, Surrey. Sadly I am unable to attend the book launch but hopefully some of you out there will be attending and will purchase the book!

I won’t give away what the book is about, but I am told that the book will be available on Amazon to buy. When I find out the details I will post a link to the site.


During my mini holiday to Copenhagen with my Mr Man last week, we stumbled upon what looked like a fairy village!

My little seahorse

Over the past few months I have started collecting obscure brooches. My favourites at the moment are my grouse feet, but recently I found this! A dried seahorse brooch.

What will I add to my collection next?!

Blackbeary and Strawbeary

To continue with my ‘bear’y fruits theme, I have created a blackbeary and strawbeary, yum yum.



Thanks to an idea courtesy of the man in my life, I created this little raspbeary.

Considering selling this in its original state in my Etsy shop
 (however I had a little accident with splashing ink on it!) or maybe I’ll sell it as a print.