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David Bowie

david bowie

My illustrated tribute to David Bowie, such a huge loss from this world.

I will be making this print available for purchase very soon!

Kayleigh’s Christmas

IMG_20140731_112311My hand made Christmas decorations finally arrived at their new destination of Harrods a few days ago. I am so relieved! They will be going on sale in their Christmas department from around the 28th August. I am planning to visit them in September, I can not wait.

So now that those are out of the way for the time being, I have begun working on my own Christmas collection, starting with the illustrations. Here is the first one, the lovable dancing bear…I think he wants to eat the little girls candy cane!

Illustration prints, anyone?

I now have some illustration prints available within my shop.  Here’s a taster…


There are other prints available including 6 distinctive and unusual skull illustrations.  All are £10 each!

The Tyvek coin purse experiment

tyvek purse foxes

Months ago, I came across a leather origami coin purse in a charity shop. I was dying to make my own but couldn’t find a suitable material to make it from! Upon being given a sample of Tyvek ink-jet paper last week, I spent today experimenting with making my own coin purse from it using some of my fox illustrations for the decoration. It’s very messy for my first attempt, but amazingly it works.

Belated Happy Valentines

bob cat valentine copy

The last illustrations of 2012: Part 2

tipi wigwam frog and toadMeet the ‘Tipi and the Wigwam. The Frog and the Toad’. Another painting commissioned just before the end of 2012.

The last illustrations of 2012: Part 1

gothic commissionJust before Christmas, I was asked to come up with a portrait of the lady who is shown in the painting. Within the painting I featured different elements of things she likes. Featured in the background is an Ossuary which I visited in Prague in November.


I came into realization that I never seem to draw people. My love of animals is too great I suppose.

To rectify this, I had to create an illustration for myself incorporating a person.

Here it is!

The Ghost of Cameron Crowe

Early this year I had the chance to illustrate a children’s book written by a man named Ian Hewitt. He has published the book himself and is launching the book this weekend at the Tribute to the Spitfire show at Polesden Lacey, Surrey. Sadly I am unable to attend the book launch but hopefully some of you out there will be attending and will purchase the book!

I won’t give away what the book is about, but I am told that the book will be available on Amazon to buy. When I find out the details I will post a link to the site.

Blackbeary and Strawbeary

To continue with my ‘bear’y fruits theme, I have created a blackbeary and strawbeary, yum yum.