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Upcoming events

I will be at:

Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk, at their Vintage and hand made fair on the 28th November (12 noon-8pm), 29th November (10am-4.30pm) and the 30th November (10am-4.30pm).

The Winter Arts Market, St Geroges Hall Liverpool, on the 6th and 7th of December. This is the most wonderful event with amazing artists and designers.

Baa Bar Hardman street, Liverpool. This is a vintage and craft fair on the 13th December (11am-4pm)

Nook & Cranny Liverpool

I am proud to announce that I now stock some of my work in the fabulous shop called Nook & Cranny, which can be found down Bold Street in Liverpool.

Nook & Cranny is a design, gift and homeware store that focuses on sourcing and stocking ‘hidden gems’ of the art and design world.

Stocked in this wonderful shop are prints, cards, contemporary homewares, reclaimed antiques and much more. They even hold craft workshops in their store and take part in creating pop up shops and restaurants. It is a perfect shop to visit, especially with Christmas soon approaching.  You’ll certainly be able to find some unique and wonderful gifts. I really am privileged to be stocking my goodies in this store!

They have an online shop where you can purchase some of the items they have for sale too. It can be found here.






Summer Arts Market

I’m a super busy bee getting myself ready for the Summer Arts Market at St George’s Hall, Liverpool, this weekend. I will be selling all of my unique and hand made goodies, including some new needle felted characters which I am excited to share with my fabulous customers.

Really looking forward to it!

A5 for web lo res

Other exciting news, later this season I will have exclusive handmade Christmas decorations on sale at Harrods! I can’t believe I have had this opportunity, I won’t believe it until I see my decorations in the store itself. It has been the toughest experience of my life creating hand made items in such large quantities on my own. Financially tough too. There has been a lot of hand cramp, sore fingers, burnt arms, a numb bum, tiredness and glitter everywhere you can imagine! Working 12/13 hour work days for 3 months has been insane. All work and no play makes….

I will post more information up about this when I get it.

The Ghost of Cameron Crowe


During my mini holiday to Copenhagen with my Mr Man last week, we stumbled upon what looked like a fairy village!

My little seahorse

Over the past few months I have started collecting obscure brooches. My favourites at the moment are my grouse feet, but recently I found this! A dried seahorse brooch.

What will I add to my collection next?!

Louis Lion

When entering my room to grab my camera, Louis woke from his cat nap on his favourite blanket and insisted he had his photograph taken. This is his ‘I am Siamese’ look. His brother Simon could pull off a better Siamese look! Nice try Louis.

Easter prep.

Easter is on its way and there’s one member of the Radcliffe household who’s already in the Easter spirit…Billy. What a wally he is.

After seeing the bunny eared dog on the current Aldi advert, he wanted to get in on the action too!

Maybe the other ginger and white critter of this household, Louis lion, would like a pair of these too. Watch out Louis!


When walking the house dog Billy near home, I stumbled upon a not so pretty sight of murdered foxes and a lone deer foot thrown over a pile of rotten tree trunks outside of the woods. It’s sad that I only ever see these animals dead and never alive. I’ve grown up thinking this countryside was a peaceful and dreamy place, but the past few years have proved me wrong. It’s like a blood bath!

The farmers kill day and night, which means my cat has a daily curfew. Poor Louis.

One good thing comes out of this though, it means I can get some first hand references for my illustration work. I’d rather the animals were living though. Maybe expect to see some fox work from me soon.

Sea shell collecting

Last weekend the tide was high at Southport beach. Me and mama took Billy the dog for a beach walk and I came home with a couple of bags of shells! I couldn’t stop picking them up, they all looked too good. It’s like I had an obsessive compulsive disorder.

I’m not too sure what I’m going to do with them all but I have one creative idea for them. I might just polish some up too and use them as decorations in the house. I washed all of them tediously in a bucket of water and upon leaving some shells in there for a few days I stuck my hand in to carry on with the cleaning task and found this!!!

Disgusting. My fear of water has just increased.